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YKW1224 Flexo Printing Slotting Die-cutting Inline Folder Gluer Counter Ejector Bundling Linkage Line 260PCS/min


Feeding unit

- Lead edge feeding system, high speed and high precision feeding;
- Frequency conversion to adjust the vacuum flow and pressure to match the size of the board;
- Single roller feeding, quick change structure of paper feed roller;
- The left with oscillating side jogger by pneumatic

Printing unit
- Anilox roller, precision and durable;
- Anilox roller clutch structure, when the unit is not involved in the printing and can be separated from the main transmission network, reduce unnecessary wear and rollers, and prolonging the service life;
- Double ink cup structure, more ink saving and environmental protection
- Anilox roller and rubber cover roller adopt quick change structure.
- Horizontal adjustment of the plate roll movement, adjust the amount of 10mm;
- Printing plate roll hanging version of both ends of the lock version, more accurate version of the hanging;
- The paper guide roller wheel moves quickly, and the self-locking positioning;
-  Printed phase computer, electric digital control

Slotting unit
- Box height adjustment using internal gear transmission, cartons are not easy to be contaminated by oil;
- The slotting knives traversing the linear bearing, light and flexible movement;
- Slotting and box Height computer and electric digital control;
- Pre-press, press wheel, a sliding control computer and digital electric slotting knife;
- Flexible cutting knife, three to five layers of cardboard without adjustment;

Die-cutting unit
- Die cutting phase adopts computer and electric digital control;
- Knife mould roller lateral movement adopt electric adjustment, adjusting range is ±10mm;
- Rubber roller and knife mould roller gap adopt electric adjustment;
- Rubber roller cutting and grinding structure to keep rubber surface neat;
- Rubber roller auto reciprocating lateral movement ±25mm;
- Rubber roller linear speed auto compensation device, rubber adopts polyurethane of

Folder Gluer unit
- Spray Glue System, improve the bonding reliability, avoid the pollution of viscose belt and carton;
- Folding belt drive by independent servo motor;
- Cardboard transportation by suction transport positioning;
- Forming wheel assisted folding pattern, the two line in the process of forming cardboard folding carton size;
- Servo speed difference compensation, reduce stick box tail phenomenon, realize high speed servo control batch, batch stacking;
 - Automatic strapping to achieve 10~25 automatic counting, batch packaging and transportation

Strapping unit
Transpak TP-702CCQ Corrugated 3-side bundle squaring and strapping system.

Technical Parameters
NO. Name Unit Numer Value
1 Design speed Pieces/min 260
2 Max.size paper feeding mm 1200x2400
3 Min.size paper feeding mm 350x600
4 feeding paper by partition mm 1500x2400
5 Max.area printing mm 1200x2360
6 printing precision mm ±0.5
7 thickness of standard plant mm 7.2
8 thickness of cardboard mm 2-11
9 adjustment of printer roller 360°
10 printing roller axle oriented regulating mm ±10
11 slotting precision mm ±1
12 min slotting space mm 130
13 max slotting depth mm 260