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Offline Computerized Control Full Servo Automatic Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine Solve the Problem of Small Quantity Paperboard Order



For carton & cardboard manufacture. This machine is PLC control, can finish pre-pressing, slitting, scoring, trimming in one time pass. Simple operation, quick set-up, size change in seconds, greatly shorten set-up time and improve efficiency. 

- Machine wall to wall is 3000mm,
- pre-pressing and creasing synchronous adjustment, minimum creasing line 30x115mm.
- The blade use the linear guideway (corrugated production line configuration).
- Each blade and creasing is adjusted by an independent servo motor.
- Extra two rollers can pass 200 *200 cardboard! It can make cardboard not shift. 
- Reducer Motor is planetary reducer, coming with self-locking device. 
- Slitter and Scorer precision is ± 0.5mm
- Auto count
- The blade is made of tungsten steel with a service life of more than 8 million meters
Choose box type, input carton infomation, machine is ready to produce at the touch of a button. Both skullful operator and newcomer can control it well. 
Input carton length, width, and height, select box type, one key setting, thin blade and pre-pressing wheel, creasing wheel auto synchronized adjustment.
Hundreds of small quantity orders per days(8 hours). 
As we know, For "piece" order not quantity order, the factory spends a lot of time mainly on adjusting frequent machine size.
If produce 100 kinds of small quantity order, the time required to exchange orders for ordinary machines is about 3x100 = 300 minutes, and the time to change orders by our machine only takes 0.4x100 = 40 minutes!!!

Set up time
1-30 seconds.
Save 999 orders