Buying Guide



There are a myriad of box gluing and stitching machines available on the market
, how to choose the suitable one for your manufacture project. We conclude
three following key points.

1. Take both price and quality into consideration.
Many types of gluing machines and stitching machines on the market look no
difference from appearance. However, the prices vary considerably. Under this case
, customers must carefully check the machine material and design since many
machines on the market are shoddy goods and have terrible quality.

CartonMaker is a reliable box gluing machine producer in China, we purchase metal
materials from trusted factories and manufacture in strict compliance with national
standards. That’s why our machines receive high praise for its security, durability
and stability.


2. Production efficiency decides economic benefits.
The working efficiency is the second key point while selecting the box gluing
equipment. For large-scale packaging line, the packaging efficiency directly
determines whether the order can be accomplished on time. Therefore, the
performance and quality stability is of vital significance.


3. After-sales service
After-sales service is also an important factor for buying machine. No matter how
stable a machine is, there is a probability for machine failure. Every year, we put
a lot of investment into after-sales service and technical support, guaranteeing the
longest possible lifespan of our machines.

It's not an easy thing to choose a satisfactory machine. In addition to the three points
above, there might be many other factors that play a vital role in actual manufacture.
Therefore, customers should go through countless websites and documents before
placing an order. If you don't have too much time for selecting and are afraid of tedious
searching process, give CartonMaker a trial. Our machines not only meet the three keys,
but also have many other advantages waiting for you to discover.