Service & Support



In order to build good will with our clients, CartonMaker offer first-class customer
service and technical support, ranging from pre-sales service to component
maintenance. No matter where you are, we will help you to resolve your problems
as possible as we can.


Pre-sales Service
Our engineers have a comprehensive understanding about our machines and
properties. They will assist you to find the most suitable packaging solution
depending on your specific requirements.


On-site Service
After delivering our products, our company will designate professional technicians
to customer’s factory to offer assembly and adjustment service. If the operator is not
very familiar with our machines, our employees will stay there and provide training
for seven days or longer until the operator masters all machine operation skills.


After-sales Service
Outside normal office hours, for any defects in our box packaging machines, you can
call our emergency service line. After receiving your call, we will provide remote
service immediately, effectively fixing your problem online.

Component Service
We have an abundant storage of wearing components, making sure we deliver machine
part replacement in a timely fashion. Wearing components include belt, glue scraper,
sun gear, leaf spring, white plastic steel, pasting wheel, gear shaft and oil bearing.

Maintenance Service
1. Make sure the operator is responsible and familiar with the machine and machine
2. Before using the corrugated box packaging machine, the operator must read the
instruction manual carefully. If necessary, technical training can be offered, in order to
make sure the operator masters the operation keys and maintenance methods
3. Conduct regular inspection and check to the machine. Avoid overload operation and
wrong maintenance to ensure a long service life.

Delivery Time
In 100days since the date of receive deposit, if the order has special situation, the
delivery time is extended by 30 days. Overdue non-delivery is regarded as the
custom-made party default.

- Pay the deposit 30% by T/T, after the contractor company financial department
confirms, then the contract come into execution and organize the production,
- After the order party checks and accepts the machine at the contractor factory, then
pay 60% before delivey.
- The balance 10% should be paid by wire transfer within 10 working days after debugging
report signed by both engineers(Buyer's and seller's engineers).
- Before full payment, the ownership of the equipment shall remain with the contractor.


Transportation & Cost
- The contractor shall be responsible for the transportation expense from the factory to
Tianjin port.
- When the machine arrive at the order party factory, the expense(include the hang and
installation and others) is reponsible by the order party.
- The order party is responsible for the round-trip tickets expense, engineer visa expense.
During the installation and debugging, the order party should provide the food and room
freely. Every engineers is 45USD/day(It is timed from the departure of the domestic plane
to the return of the plane, all these days should be pay salary).
- Order party should remit the training expense to contractor appointed provate account NO.