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2600 Auto Folder Gluer and Stitcher Machine for Corrugated Paperboard Carton



The machine can does one kind of work, gluer or stitcher in the same time, make mode adjustment when needed. It's easy to operate through touch screen.

Fully automatic carton gluer machine is the last process equipment for carton production. It is mainly used for bonding corrugated cardboard sheet forming to meet the needs of large-scale production of various kinds of small and medium-sized carton manufacturers. In order to meet the packaging needs of food, cotton spinning and other domestic and foreign products, it is the most ideal carton bonding equipment at present. The utility model has the advantages of high production efficiency, fast bonding speed, low labor intensity, simple operation, stable performance, low failure rate and reliable operation. It is the preferred carton packaging machinery for carton enterprises and packaging industry.




- Detailed introduction:

The main parts of automatic packing machine are paper feeding parts, folding parts and counting stacking parts. Digital display speed regulation, micro-computer amplitude change, simple, fast, reliable and accurate operation, automatic paper feeding, automatic folding, automatic counting, automatic palletizing output, paste box average speed of 150 sheets per minute, maximum speed of 220 sheets per minute, high efficiency and energy saving. Natural gas and environmental protection are our highest pursuit.

- Functional characteristics:

Automatically complete the top zigzag, at the same time can complete the upper and lower parts of the sticky paste, save time and apply to the wide range of the box, the size of the box adjustment is simple and fast, the whole machine operation is stable and reliable, the packaging effect is strong and beautiful. The equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain and maintain, and can automatically correct right angles.




Functions and characteristics:

1. The machine is controlled by a computer. It is easy to operate and can store 1000 nail slips.

2. Bottom lid can not be nailed down (ordered when instructed);

3. 3 - 5 minutes to adjust the size, simple and fast;

4. The power of the nail head is a servo motor with a mechanical speed of 600 nails per minute.

5. Paper feeding department adopts leading edge belt to feed paper to ensure that cartons are not crooked.

6. When feeding paper, there is a side clap device to make the feeding paper neat and smooth.

7. The feeding part is controlled by servo motor to ensure the stabilization and accuracy of the needle pitch.

8. The machine has box shaping function to ensure that no scissors will appear and no skew will occur when the nail box is fixed.

9. This machine can nail single nail, double nail and reinforcing nail at one time.

10. The machine can be nailed with three or five layers of cartons (seven layers should be announced in advance when ordering).

11. At the end of the machine, there is an automatic counting stack for quantitative output.

12. The binding part of the machine is optional.

13. Machine is a three-purpose machine, which can simultaneously bond, nail and nail.