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Automatic Starch Kitchen and Recycling System Glue Kitchen for Corrugated Production Line



Starch is one of the most important factors in the production of corrugated board. If without an advanced starch kitchen, though equipped with a high end corrugated production line, it will not only fail to use the advantage of corrugator, but will cause cardboard quality problems.
Technical parameter :
- Glue making output: 1500kg /hour
- Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa      
- Working power: 380V, 50HZ
Structure characteristics:
- Ratio of each kind of raw material of glue controlled by computer, making glue automatically, Single facer and pasting glue machine are equipped with independent glue store cylinder, supply and recycle glue to each glue using unit, amount of glue is controlled automatically.  
- Ratio of each kind of raw material of glue controlled by computer,making glue automatically.
- Supply starch glue to single facer, pasting glue machine and other glue using unit.
- Making glue with multi-recip, supply the fresh glue for cardboard binding and reduce the loss of glue in making to increase the profit.
- Manual and automatic glue making model.
- Glue using unit recycle to supply the glue. The glue flow into the gule using tray from glue store cylinder, the extra glue flow into recyling glue tray.
- The glue in recycling tray is pumped back into glue store cylinder, supplying the glue circularly to prevent glue is thermal gelatinization and caked.
- After corrugator shutdown, the remaining glue is pumped into main glue store cylinder by main glue pipe pump, for next production.
- Pipe and pumps are easy to clean, reasonable pipe structure design to achieve one pump multi-purpose.
- Independent glue making system has great flexibility for various workshops.
- Liquid level warning system for two storage barrels (excluding two storage barrels, one for single facer, another for double facer)
- Precise dedicated load cells ensure accurate mixing