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YFMB Semi Automatic Thermal Film Roll Laminating Machine BOPP Pre-Coating Thermal Film for After Offset Printing Machine



It is used for the lamination and seamless film of pre-adhesive film (also called thermal film).


- Frequency converter is equipped for infinitely variable speed, and the operator can change the machine' s speed easily and guarantee the machine' s running stable.
- One-piece construction design makes the machine run more stably, and lengthens the machine' s lifetime.
- Manual paper feeding.
- Magnetic regulating plate can be adjusted easily to regulate manual paper feeding.
- High precision of chrome plated heating roller is equipped with built-in oil heating system, which has excellent performance to temperature control. The laminating temperature is adjustable upon applications.
- Hydraulic pressuring system provides big and steady pressure to guarantee good laminating quality.
- Air expansion shaft releases film, and precisionizes film release, and also makes the loading and unloading of film roll more convenient.
- The combination of air expansion shaft and braking device can adjust film release tension and speed.
- Film cutter cuts film width to make it meet paper size. The cut film is left on the film release spindle.
- Film perforating wheel perforates film edge for the automatic cut of laminated paper.
- Anti-curvature device: when going through anti-curvature device, the laminated paper shall be leveled at once and wont curve again after cut.
- Pneumatic cutting system realizes automatic paper cut as long as the operator inputs the workable paper size on the text screen.
- The cut paper is sent to paper receiving table. And the table height is adjustable upon applications.


Technical Parameter
Model FM-720S FM-880S FM-920S FM-1100S
Maximum film width 720mm 880mm 920mm 1100mm
Heating Roller Diameter Φ270mm Φ270mm Φ320mm Φ320mm
Speed 0~30m/min 0~30m/min 0~30m/min 0~30m/min
Laminating Temperature 80-120℃ 80-120℃ 80-120℃ 80-120℃
Laminating Pressure 10-15Mpa 10-15Mpa 10-15Mpa 10-15Mpa
Motor Power 2kw 2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Overall Size 3x1.5x1.6 M 3x1.6x1.6M 3x1.7x1.6 M 3x1.9x1.6 M
Lamp Heating Power 10kw 10kw 10kw 12kw
Weight 1.8T 1.8T 2T 2T