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Paper Core Strapping Machine Channel Type for Paper Tube Tying



The channel strapping machine is a new type of automatic strapping machine equipment in the paper tube manufacturing industry, and it is also an improved version of the fluidized baler. The equipment combines the key advantages of the core models and advanced technology casting. The new electromagnetic clutch and electronic brake pedal control system is used to replace the traditional mechanical transmission. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low failure rate, convenient and fast operation, and is suitable for various Corrugated cardboard tubes of various sizes.

The development of the paper tube industry has also driven the paper tube machine industry, saving labor while improving labor productivity and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

The company's channel type paper tube machine is one of the indispensable and necessary equipment for the development of your company.



Tying Max. Diameter φ350mm Tying Min. Diameter φ150mm
Speed 1.2s/time Tying rope PE#28
Power 1.1kw Voltage Single Phase 220V
Weight 280KG Machine Size 160*1060*1500mm